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PoctListenerOn.jpgPoctListener© is an interface solution to connect:

  • Samsung LabGeo PT10 and HC10;
  • Siemens DCA Vantage;
  • Alere Afinion;
  • Orion Diagnostics QuickRead Go;
  • HemoCue 201;
  • or compatible “point-of-care” devices (poc) to a Lims or HIS over the internet.


The data will be send in a secure, encrypted  format directly to the Laboratory or Hospital server or through a cloud service.

The PoctListener© is designed for Ethernet communications with the poc device through the POCT1A protocol. The PocListener© line of products also has solutions for serial devices. The actual data will be delivered to the Laboratory or Hospital using secure file transfer. It will be tailored to your specifications before shipment.

A typical PoctListener© configuration:

PoctListener© features:

  1. reads observation data from a connected analyser;
  2. creates HL7v2 messages and sends the observation data to a defined host in a secure, encrypted format;
  3. 3 color status led;
  4. Easy installation, automatic configuration for cabled or wifi internet connection;
  5. automatic detection of the poc device connection (green status if connected);
  6. data buffering if host not on-line (blue status for buffered data);
  7. secure, when powered off, all observation data is lost (see below);
  8. optional WebApp to select the right M.D;
  9. one time license cost, no fee per message.