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Dashboard - PocListener Server Architecture

The Dashboard for our PocListener© interfaces is part of the PocListener Server Architecture as shown below.

The PocListener Server Architecture encompasses the PocDashboard for managing your PocListener connections together with Mirth-Connect, a strong, HL7 supporting, middle-ware solution for Healtcare.
Now with a very low investment you can create and manage all necessary interfaces and connections in a very cost-effective and efficient way. Also the management of the PocListener enabled point-of-care devices will be supported by the PocListener Dashboard.

The server architecture can be implemented in a way that fits your IT Architecture best (see also PocListener© overview).
Together with our PocListener line of products, we will supply you with an installation script and required materials for installation on a Synology NAS. In a simple way this can also be used for installation on e.g. a QNAP NAS, Linux or Windows server or workstation.

By making use of, amongst others, the Open Source Projects MySQL/MariaDB, Mirth-Connect en Grafana your investment will be very limited. All mentioned projects have a strong community which provides frequent updates. We will supply you with all sources, so changes are easily made. Of course we will support you in any way you would require.